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Early Punk Rock (149)  
UK Punk, US Punk, Scene Reports
Sites featuring early punk bands of the 60s and 70s! (Like The Stooges, MC5, NY Dolls, Ramones, etc.)

Garage-LoFi-Punk (42)  
You give a shit 'bout HiFi and prefer listen to great Garage-LoFi-Punk Shit? Check here...

Glam-Punk-Rock N Roll (55)  
For all those great glamour punk rock'n'roller out there!

Miscellaneous (47)  
Booking, Fashion, Radio Shows, Show Places
Sites that doesn't match one of the categories...

Old Styled Punk Rock (181)  
60s Style, Detroit-Style, Rock'n'Roll Punk
Old School & 60's Punk bands in the vein of yesterday's heroes!

Punk Rock (228) new  
Mod Punk, Pop Punk, Power Pop, Streetpunk
Other Punk Rock, Pop-Punk & Power Pop bands...

Records (78) new  
Labels, Mailorder, Stores
Labels, mailorder, distributions, stores, etc.

Resources (79)  
Art & Photography, Scene Reports, Wayback Machine
Resources of various Punk-Fuckin'-Rock'n'Roll stuff!

Rock N Roll (150) new  
Garage, Surf, R&B Punk, Rockabilly, Psychobilly
Real Rock'n'Roll, Garage R&R, Surf, etc.

Zines (26)  
Fanzines, online-zines, e-zines, mags etc. related to Punk-Fuckin'-Rock'n'Roll...

The Latest Additions:
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 · Fuzzkill Records (Records/Labels) on 24-Oct-2013
 · Slop Bop Records (Records/Labels) on 14-Jun-2013
 · Boneyard Bastards (Punk Rock) on 11-Jun-2013
 · The Satanic Mechanics (Rock N Roll/Garage) on 04-May-2013
 · (Resources) on 15-Apr-2013
 · Hastings 3000 (Garage-LoFi-Punk) on 15-Apr-2013
 · Zombie Dandies (Glam-Punk-Rock N Roll) on 30-Dec-2012

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