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63 Monroe's glam punk rock underground - The site featuring the 80's glam punk rock band 63 Monroe. Band photos,sounds and bio.add your favourite glam link here.   Added: 23-Dec-2000 [Report Dead Link]

American Heartbreak - San Francisco's Premiere Glam/punk/pop/Rock&Roll heroes. Fast, Hook-filled, Rock & Roll, full of anger, energy and all around good fun.   Added: 25-Jun-1999 [Report Dead Link]

Backyard Babies - Unofficial but the best Backyard Babies site!   Added: 20-May-1999 [Report Dead Link]

Bubblegum Screw - New glam punk band from London UK, influenced by Johnny Thunders, Ramones, New York Dolls, Iggy and the Stooges, GG Allin and the Jabbers, Hanoi Rocks, etc!   Added: 15-Jul-2007 [Report Dead Link]

Chinese Takeaway (R.I.P.) - ASSKICKINīGLAMOURPUNK/TRASHROCK FROM SWEDEN!!!   Added: 20-May-1999 [Report Dead Link]

Decadenza.Com (R.I.P.) - The Official Web-Site of "DECADENZA". If you Know Stiv Bators,Michael Monroe and Joey Ramone...Check It!!!   Added: 16-May-2002 [Report Dead Link]

DETOX DARLINGS (R.I.P.) - Space Age Cyber Pad of New York City's #1 glam/punk/rock'n roll rebels!   Added: 20-May-1999 [Report Dead Link]

Devil's Inn (R.I.P.) - Devil Rock from Germany! Sleazy Cock-Rock from the gutters of D-City! Check it out now and keep rocking!!!   Added: 24-Dec-2003 [Report Dead Link]

Electrik Emily - With Glam Guitars and Pop Punk melodies, Electrik Emily is a female rocker for the 21st Century! Based in Seattle, WA. DIY Riot Grrrl Style!   Added: 27-May-2011 [Report Dead Link]

Filthy Angels - N.Irish Punky Rock n' Roll! Inspired by Johnny Thunders, Backyard Babies, The Deadboys, Dogs D'amour, Ramones and all other alcohol fuelled music with a bad attitude!   Added: 26-Apr-2010 [Report Dead Link]

Frankenstein Drag Queens: Official Grave Site (R.I.P.) - Official site containing lyrics, photos, up-to-date news, diary of a monster, shows, and much more. []   Added: 12-May-2001 [Report Dead Link]

GABBA (R.I.P.) - The DiscoPunk sensation, bringing you tunes Sweeter Than Abba & Faster Than Ramones!   Added: 5-Apr-2001 [Report Dead Link]

GET SHOT! - A fatal car accident between 1977 NYC and 1983 Hollywood Blvd. From Sacramento, CA comes the next big deal in shock rock!!!   Added: 12-Nov-2012 [Report Dead Link]

Glitterbug (R.I.P.) - Described by N.M.E as 'The best live band in Britain', GLITTERBUG are putting glamour back into Rock'n'Roll.Taking influences from T-Rex, The Clash, Suede, The Manics and The Who, and mixing them with pop harmonies.   Added: 27-Feb-2001 [Report Dead Link]

GUTTER QUEENS - GUTTER QUEENS are switzerland's hottest GLAM SLUT ROCKERS. with make-up, high heels and feathers they are true ROCK SLUTS and the New Definition of GLAM ROCK. their sound is an exciting in-your-face mix of 70s Glam, 80s Sleaze and a delightful dash of Punk Rock. CHECK THEM OUT!   Added: 31-Jul-2001 [Report Dead Link]

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