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The Swindells - Band website for UK Punk band The Swindells. Get the latest releases, gig updates and news about The Swindells.   Added: 25-Sep-2015 [Report Dead Link]

Beat Angels (R.I.P.) - Unadulterated rock'n'roll! hottest powerpop/punk band today! have a drink in beat angels official dive and get to know or find out what's new.   Added: 20-May-1999 [Report Dead Link]

Big Meat Hammer - BMH have been around for 10 years now. We are made up of original 70's punks still playing non-commercial punk.   Added: 27-Apr-2000 [Report Dead Link]

Bladder Bladder Bladder - British 77 style punx in vein of Pistols, Clash, Damned now based in Hollywood California!! Visit their site for details of their exploits, pictures and links to other punk related sites.   Added: 20-May-1999 [Report Dead Link]

Bug Central - English anarchist band playing angry pissed off punk.   Added: 23-Jan-2000 [Report Dead Link]

Condition Red - Condition Red is a Punk Rock`n`Roll Band from Hamburg Germany - here you can download some of our songs   Added: 27-Sep-1999 [Report Dead Link]

Demons - High energy rock from Stockholm, Sweden. Rock Against Music!   Added: 24-Jan-2000 [Report Dead Link]

DeRita Sisters and Junior - Old School Punk Rock 1977 Style   Added: 26-May-1999 [Report Dead Link]

Dropkick Murphys - Irish Punk Rock at it's best! This site Reviews, Tour Dates, Music, Tabs, Bootlegs, Lyrics and much much more. Oi Oi Oi!   Added: 13-Jul-1999 [Report Dead Link]

Electric Frankenstein Official Home - This is the official home of the New York band Electric Frankenstein todays greatest punk band.   Added: 20-May-1999 [Report Dead Link]

GIRLS ON TOP Official Site - The Official site for London's hottest band   Added: 25-Jan-2002 [Report Dead Link]

Groovie Ghoulies (R.I.P.) - News, discography, shows, and everything you ever need about this great band!   Added: 11-Oct-1999 [Report Dead Link]

Gå Vidare till Norrmalmstorg - Swedish KBD Punk featuring members of Dialtones and The Plastiques. Now defunct you can download tracks on Bandcamp!   Added: 12-Dec-2010 [Report Dead Link]

Hudson Falcons - Punk 'n' Roll for the Working Class. Music in the vein of bands like the Clash, SLF, Oi, Thunders, Devil Dogs, Wretched Ones. Lyrics about the working class struggle.   Added: 20-May-1999 [Report Dead Link]

Lake Pussy (R.I.P.) - Stitches/US Bombs/Sex Pistols like 77-Punkrock by a bunch of boozers from Munich/Germany!   Added: 2-Mar-2005 [Report Dead Link]

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