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The Ruiners - The Ruiners are like a great big, insane bar fight between Iggy & the Stooges, the Cramps and the Monkees.   Added: 10-May-2001 [Report Dead Link]

THE SEPARATES - Punk Rock & Roll from Hagen, Germany.   Added: 18-Jul-2007 [Report Dead Link]

The Shutups - The Web home of Junk Records recording artists The Shutups. Take your labeling and shove it your ass, we're motherfuckin' PUNK ROCK. We don't pretend. Fueled by booze and sluts.   Added: 12-May-2000 [Report Dead Link]

The Sickteens NYC - This all new punk rockin' band from NYC features the ex-vocalist of The Relix as well as members of Suburban Crisis, Devotchkas & Zyklon Zeros/X-Possibles. Get "Sick, sick, sick!"   Added: 8-Apr-2001 [Report Dead Link]

The Sonic Barrels (R.I.P.) - Punchrock from Scandinavia.   Added: 29-Aug-2005 [Report Dead Link]

The Status - Punk rock energy and rock n' roll attitude. Rock, punk, black clad and classy as hell. Are you down   Added: 21-Nov-2000 [Report Dead Link]

The Strap-Ons - The Strap-Ons are from Norfolk, VA that play 77's styled punk 'n' roll with a kick. Gritty vocals rounded out with high-octane guitars and a big bottom-end sound make this band unique. These guys and girls a long time standing members of what makes punk 'n' roll so great.   Added: 27-Mar-2001 [Report Dead Link]

The Stupor Stars - The Stupor Stars are the prettiest band in the world. Have sex with us. We specialize in high-energy frickin' rock 'n' roll.   Added: 17-Oct-2000 [Report Dead Link]

The Throttlers - Kansas City Wreck n' Roll, baby!!!!   Added: 27-Aug-2001 [Report Dead Link]

The Transfusions - 77 style punk rock band Saints-Ramones-Buzzcocks-Brian James era Damned   Added: 8-Nov-2003 [Report Dead Link]

The Union Rags - Punk Rock N' Roll from Sweden!   Added: 6-Apr-2003 [Report Dead Link]

The Valentine Killers - The Valentine Killers a Punk Rockn'Roll band from Seattle, Wa. Influenced by the primative rawness of 60'd garage and the sonic attack and additude of 70's US Punk.   Added: 1-Jul-1999 [Report Dead Link]

The-Front - Birthed in the drudge of Casper, Wyoming in 1998. The-Frontís unlikely presence is rivaled only by their unlikely perseverance and an unyielding devotion to punk rock and roll. Expect nothing less than the crash of Ď77-style guitars + the growls and screams of an aggressive female vocalist from these no-holds-barred rockers.   Added: 6-Feb-2004 [Report Dead Link]

Third Assault Band - The site of the famous french band. Third Assault Band plays Rock' n Roll like Wayne Kramer, Sonic's Rendez-Vous, Sonny Vincent, MC5, Stooges, New York Dolls and others john   Added: 5-Mar-2001 [Report Dead Link]

TV Killers - TV Killers a French high energy PUNK-ROCK'n'Roll band with garage touch. On this site, U'll know about their fuckin' history, the next great dates and all the shit !!   Added: 9-Jan-2000 [Report Dead Link]

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