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The Gonads - UK legendary Oi and Punk band   Added: 31-Aug-2003 [Report Dead Link]

The Negatives - Punk rock with members from the Swedish 80īs band Bristles, DTAL and Existenz.   Added: 12-Mar-2003 [Report Dead Link]

The Official Generators Web Site - Suburbia presents the Official website for TKO Recording artists, the Generators. You can find anything you wanna know about the band here.   Added: 26-Jul-2000 [Report Dead Link]

The Official Homepage of The GC5 - The GC5 are a political steetpunk/rock-n-roll band from Cleveland, Ohio. Comparisons have been made to the Clash, Stiff Little Fingers, Swingin Utters, the Replacements, and Rancid. New ep on Leprock records, full length on Outsider Records.   Added: 9-Apr-2001 [Report Dead Link]

The Six String Rebels - Based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. High energy, working class punk rock.   Added: 26-Jun-2000 [Report Dead Link]

The Swindells - The Swindells are a Proper UK Punk Band based in Leeds. A solid four-piece line up, The Swindells have been gigging mainly around the north of England for several years; think fast guitars, driving rhythms & rousing shout-along choruses and you're right on the ball.   Added: 12-Nov-2012 [Report Dead Link]

U.S. Bombs - The U.S. Bombs early recordings on Alive featuring the "master of disaster," Duane Peters himself. The US Bombs capture the true spirit of punk music, defiantly independent, fun at all cost.   Added: 13-Oct-2000 [Report Dead Link]

We're Adolf and the Piss Artists - OK! - The official homepage of Atlanta's finest punk rock band, Adolf and the Piss Artists.   Added: 17-Aug-2000 [Report Dead Link]

Wildcat Strike - Oi!-influated punk rocknīroll from Sweden   Added: 18-Mar-2001 [Report Dead Link]

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