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CopeStone - Home of the old school punk band CopeStone - Philly, PA   Added: 8-Mar-2000 [Report Dead Link]

CRUCI-FETUS - Fast, loud, and distorted Ohio band influenced by old-school punk, thrash, and psychedelic and everything from The Stooges to Poison Idea to The Melvins.   Added: 13-Oct-2005 [Report Dead Link]

Cydernide - Punk fucking rock from Bristol, UK!! With members of countless 80s hardcore bands...   Added: 24-Oct-2013 [Report Dead Link]

Discolored Perception - Home of Colorado's Discolored Perception, legendary punk/psychos since 1992.   Added: 18-Aug-2005 [Report Dead Link]

Dogtown Rebels - The Dogtown Rebels the bastard sons of the Undertones, Rudi, the Parkinsons and the Street Dogs. A heady cocktail of Garage Punk, Pop Punk and Street punk sensibilities. Check out our tunes here.   Added: 24-Oct-2013 [Report Dead Link]

DOLLS ON SPEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (DOS) - from los angeles. D.O.S. plays their own version of queers/ramones/weasel/beach boys style punk n roll. And they will kick your ass...pussy.   Added: 11-Jan-2003 [Report Dead Link]

Firecracker 500 - Former and current members of original punk rock bands Shattered Faith, MIA, The Main, The Pushers, Final Conflict, Branded, & El Centro.   Added: 15-Oct-2003 [Report Dead Link]

Forth Yeer Freshman - Drunk scumfuck street punk from the rocky mountain hate state   Added: 25-Mar-2000 [Report Dead Link]

Furious George - The Official Furious George Webpage. All the info you could ever want about the punkest band around.   Added: 20-May-1999 [Report Dead Link]

Gaye Bykers On Acid - The only Gaye Bykers On Acid homepage worth a shit! Tons of info on the Bykers and Hyperhead plus the most complete discography anywhere!   Added: 13-Jul-1999 [Report Dead Link]

GOLD BLADE... - official home page of British punk rock killas!!!!! mp3's, videos, news and rants   Added: 13-Apr-2000 [Report Dead Link]

Great Unwashed - Beer-fueled hi-octane punk rock band from Velbert, Germany. Official Homepage incl. free MP3, picture archive and more!   Added: 7-May-2001 [Report Dead Link]

Homepages of Jyrki Hämäläinen - PUNK! Sex Pistols, Rancid, Ramones, Exploited... guitar tabs, midi, bio, pictures, links, video...   Added: 2-Mar-2001 [Report Dead Link]

HOTROD LUNATICS - Gear Grinding Guitars, Piston Pumping Drums and Balls Out Bass with Vocals as Powerful as a Carbon Monoxide Cocktail!!!   Added: 2-Jun-2000 [Report Dead Link]

JACKNIFE POWERBOMBS - punk rock n roll out of cleveland ohio.   Added: 6-Feb-2003 [Report Dead Link]

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